Medical Supplies Los Angeles

Med X Tens Is a Medical Supplier in Los Angeles with one goal in mind. To get people what they need when they need it the most.


My Story and Why I started this business...

I was on my way home, then it happened.

I was tired from a long day of work and all I wanted was the comfort of my own bed.

I made a left turn about 100 ft from my apartment and then boom. He hit me hard T-Boned me.

I was hurt bad and my insurance cut me off from going to the chiropractors and i couldn't figure out what pain relief I was supposed to get without my tens therapy.

So, I searched and searched and found that Tens Therapy actually was quite expensive. So, I did something about it and Med X Tens Unit Supplies was born.

I didn't do this for me. I did this for you. Because, everyone deserves pain relief at affordable prices.